5 Scientific Reasons that Holidays are Good for You!

It’s all in the title people, so let’s get packing! 

Rumour has it that holidays are good for your health! Still not convinced? Well maybe these five facts will make you think otherwise!

Reason number one: Holidays make you exercise 

Before going on holiday we all dream and wish on that perfect bikini body however it just never seems to work out. The idea of eating a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate in front of some good British TV always seems more appealing than going for a run in the cold windy weather…

However, did you know that you’re probably working on that bikini body whilst on holiday? No? Well maybe some of these little factors might make you realise…

  • Walking: Yes people, we all do it on a daily basis and that is the activity of walking! Did you know that walking on sand consumes 20-50% more calories than walking on regular surfaces?! Scientific statistics shows every 10 minutes you walk you burn 79 calories… So let’s work this out properly, if I walk for 70 minutes I will get to have a whole bottle of wine to myself without feeling guilty?! Show me the all-inclusive and get me on that magical sand calorie burner!
  • Swimming: Who doesn’t like to swim in the lovely clear blue sea’s whilst on holiday? Well the great news is that it’s an all round benefit! Not only do you get to experience the lovely waves, you’re also giving yourself an amazing workout! Swimming against the tide quickly tones up your bum, legs and arms. Who needs those workout DVD’s when you can go on holiday?
  • Playing in the sand: I know as well as you do, we are all big kids at heart. So embrace the child within you and grab that bucket and spade! Who knew playing around in the sand could also count as a workout?! Putting your energy into building sandcastles can be similar to doing those excruciating gym exercises such as crunching… If you decide to play in the sand for only 10 minutes you can burn up to 40 calories! So what is it going to be? Building a sandcastle or doing push ups… I know which one I’m etching towards
  • Beach activities: Every time you go to the beach there’s no doubt you will see some type of activities laid out ready for anyone to enjoy! What a better scenery to have fun at with the sound of the sea next to you. Some simple classics such as jumping the waves for 10 minutes could burn up to an amazing figure of 120 calories!! Getting wet not your cup of tea? Then how about flying a kite for 10 minutes where you can burn up to 50 calories or maybe playing a game of Volleyball for 20 minutes can burn up to 168 calories!! Who needs to look out for what they are eating when you have amazing beaches to keep you looking healthy!

Reason two: You catch up on that needed sleep! 

Everyone knows that it’s essential to have an afternoon nap at least once throughout your holiday, and all that sea air works wonders for better quality sleep. Going abroad for a break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all those lost hours of sleep you wish you could get back. Resting does amazing wonders for the brain activity, it will improve your moods nd also improve your memory! So make sure you get comfy in that deckchair and enjoy your afternoon snooze.

Reason three: You get to re-charge your body! 

Switching yourself off and forgetting about all your worries back at home is one of the most important aspects of going on holiday.

Why not turn your phone off for the first few days of your holiday as well? By doing this it offers numerous health benefits such as repairing tired eyes, reducing blood pressure and also improves sleep quality!

There are so many positives about going in holiday as you get to lose the pressures of everyday life behind you such as the cleaning, cooking, washing up, going to work, doing the shopping, driving about… the list can go on and on! However by going on holiday you know that when you wake up you have absolutely nothing to worry about and your day is just a blank canvas waiting to be painted on!

Reason four: Healthy food is all around you! 

It is proven that in warmer weather we are more likely to eat lighter and fresher foods such as fruit, salad and seafood.  Enjoying a light lunch where you take your time to enjoy the flavour of the food is a lot healthier than devouring into a quick tea like most of us do back at home! Also those all-inclusive buffets have so much more vibrant colourful healthier foods on offer its hard to not give it a go!

Reason five: Top up on those healthy Vitamins! 

Our bodies all need a healthy dose of Vitamins, one that we particularly receive whilst on holiday is the sunlight which produces Vitamin D! So, back in England it is quite clear that we are not familiar with Mr Sunshine so we all need a good sunny holiday to boost our natural supply of vitamins!

So, what are you waiting for? Scrap the idea of that gym card and healthy living. Get ready to pack your suitcase and enjoy your ‘healthy’ holiday by the sea. And also remember having that extra slice of cake is acceptable.

Rosie Battson is a Trainee Travel Consultant at the Holiday With Us Group.