Beyond the Normal Holiday…Routes

At the Holiday With Us Group, we are proud to be an independent because it means we can search the entire travel market to find the exact holiday that our clients want. Whether this is Zumba in Zanzibar or Whale Watching in Seattle, we really can find it all.

We’re the planners of your route to the rest of the world. So where will you depart, and where’s your destination?

The holiday types that we offers are truly expansive; if you want a sport and fitness themed break in the Caribbean, Europe or Africa, then our club med collection may just be perfect for you; if it’s a luxury safari tour in Africa or Asia that you want to experience, we’ve teamed up with many suppliers including Western and Oriental from the ITC Luxury Group to be able to offer you something very different; but the best part – we can dynamically package your dream holiday to any destination of your choice. This bespoke dynamic package can include all of your hand picked excursions, flights, accommodation and transfers plus any of your additional holiday requirements including tours, safaris and unique excursions. We really can deliver you the itinerary of your choice at the best price, with the security of a package holiday – giving you complete peace of mind. Our flexibility to meet your criteria make booking at the Holiday With Us Group a truly unique experience. See below for some of our latest offers.

Examples of our latest unique deals:

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