5 Amazing City Breaks for Shopping

We all love a bit of retail therapy, don’t we? Then why not enjoy a shopping break to one of these destinations!

  1. New York

If you love to shop then New York springs straight to mind! When it comes to shopping in NYC your options are all but limitless – with so many places to spend your money. There’s such a large range of choices from department stores to luxury boutiques. However, partners who are getting dragged a long – not all is to be feared as the shopping district allows you to see a lot of the beautiful city of New York along the way! It’s not all about spending and carrying your other half bags around, it’s also about exploring the city that never sleeps!

Times Square at Broadway in Manhattan, New York

  1. Italy

When you think about Italian shopping you can’t help but think of those world-famous brands such as Versace, Armani, Gucci, Prada and the list goes on… However if your credit card isn’t quite ready for this type of luxury shopping trip then have no fear! Italy also has beautiful old malls and trendy outlets on offer.

  1. Dubai

For all those shopaholics out there, Dubai is the place for you! This amazing country has a lot more than your high end brands, they also stock their shops with luxury tax-free goods! As you might of already guessed the shopping mall in Dubai isn’t just your regular going down town trip. You can let your arms have a break and go and watch the fish in the amazing aquarium or even go ice skating! Let’s remember we’re here for the shopping though so you are guaranteed to not be disappointed with their hundreds of malls and characterful souks.

  1. Marrakech

Marrakech might not have shiny shopping centres and neat stores however the experience you can gain from their markets is unbelievable and it is the perfect way to see an insight into the exotic destination. You may find spices, kaftans, lamps, shoes, rugs and anything you could possibly think of! However get your haggling skills out as it’s all apart the experience and process.

  1. On the aircraft

Yes you have read that correctly! On your transportation to your holiday you’ll be able to take advantage of the duty free shopping on board! Also I’m sure you will love this sneaky tip as much as I do… Did you know that with certain airlines you can actually browse online, place your order and it will be waiting for you on the plane? No more going to the overheads to get your purse out a certain bag or rushing around the airport shops. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

James Lowery is a Marketing Assistant at the Holiday With Us Group.