Florida: More than Disney

When you think of Florida the first thing that comes to mind is probably Orlando with its many impressive theme parks, including Disney and Universal, but we want to show you that there is so much more to this beautiful state. As great as it is to meet Mickey Mouse and experience the incredible variety of rides that Universal has to offer, Florida holds a vast choice of places to visit that you will never forget. Here are just a few…


Just one hour away from Orlando you can visit the Kennedy Space Center, something the whole family will enjoy. You will be given the opportunity to explore the history of the US space program, visit the IMAX 3D cinema and learn all about life in space. At the center, there are over 4 restaurants to choose from where you can have lunch with a real-life astronaut! If you pick your dates carefully you can even witness a rocket launching off into space! You won’t be leaving empty handed either after visiting the World’s largest space shop. Tickets for this once in a lifetime experience can be pre-booked at around £63 per adult so, make sure you buy before you fly.


Crystal Springs is only an hour away from Orlando and can be reached easily by self-drive or transfers that can be pre-booked before you travel at prices from £36 per adult. A local guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a small group tour to see the highlights. The Springs have lots to offer, you can cruise down the springs on a paddleboard and get the opportunity to swim with nature’s most loving mammal, the Manatee. Well known for its kind nature, the Manatee emigrates to the springs to keep warm in the cold winters. Surrounded by beauty you can swim in the crystal-clear waters protected by its natural wildlife. It’s a fantastic all year-round experience as the water temperature doesn’t drop.


Miami, in the heart of Florida, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, however Miami offers something more for everyone. Crazy nightlife along the South Beach, masses of water sports, hundreds of shops from designer to boutique, helicopter tours… the list never ends. This city also makes a great cruise and stay location with Miami’s port having hundreds of fantastic cruises that head to the breathtaking islands of the Caribbean.


From Miami, you can take a 40-minute ride to The Everglades National Park where you will journey into a perfectly preserved wilderness that’s made up of 1.2 million acres of grassland. Aboard an airboat, your guide will talk you through the history and facts of this wonderful National Park. Be careful of the alligators whilst soaking up the panoramic views, as they fill these mysterious waters. There are also bicycle and walking tours around the Everglades, so you will be able to get around it in various ways. However, we do recommend the airboat as it’s a fantastic way to see the alligators in their natural habitat. Prices for transfers and boat rides can start from £34 per adult and are bookable before you travel.


Along the west coast of Florida, you have some alternative beaches to discover. The Keys can be as relaxed or as exciting as you make them! You can go fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and enjoy boat trips – the perfect beach holiday for families and couples. Or if you enjoy the finer things in life, head over to Naples, recognised for its high-end shopping, sophisticated dining and world class culture. However, Naples is more affordable and family friendly than you would expect. Running alongside this bustling city is pure white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making it an all-round favourite.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a fun filled vacation, Florida is the ideal location. It has something for everyone to enjoy. Many airlines travel here including British Airways and Virgin, with a flight duration of 9 hours. So if you want to know more about this sunshine state contact your local trusted independent travel agent and we will be happy to assist you plan your perfect adventure. Call us now on 0800 167 0232.