My Experience of Carnival Vista

I’ve only ever sailed on Thomson Cruises before, but these two companies are world’s apart! The Carnival Vista was amazing! The ship is huge, holds just under 4000 guests and crew of 1450.

There really is something for everyone on this ship:

For the energetic type it has the all new sky-ride that you can pedal yourself round the top of the ship. I was so surprised it actually has a slight uphill and downhill on the track and it goes really fast I even had to put my breaks on a little as I got a tad nervous at the speed! The views were amazing though. Top tip for this: Get there 10 mins before it opens to avoid queuing for your turn for too long, everyone wants a taste of it so it does get busy! I even saw a couple in their 60’s having a go – it really is a great activity for everyone!

There is a club house that features indoor bowling and arcade style basketball; you can play soccer, volleyball and ping pong located all around the ship at different spots. There is also mini golf at sky greens where they also have a basketball court and one thing that was really good fun was the sky course ropes course which is at a heightened level and again really gives great views whilst getting active! Not for those who are afraid of heights!

Carnival waterworks! – anyone loving waterparks then this is for you! Spiraling water-slides, expanded splash zone, water buckets, the kaaleid-o-slide is so much fun with the rubber rings style raft slide and amazing different colours and lights along the way.


Bars and restaurants:

Speciality restaurants start from $15 per person supplement but really are well worth it!

Havana pool and bar is great day and night venue. They do cocktails all hours that are to die for and have amazing ocean view Jacuzzi’s with outside and inside seating. At night this comes to life with amazing salsa and disco music and everyone gets up and dances all night!

Horizons restaurant was fantastic and has dishes from all over the world – I loved this restaurant and one thing it has is the chocolate melting cake which is famous on Carnival’s ships…. a MUST try…. I’ve never tasted any dessert like it ever!

Fahrenheit 555 is the steakhouse which has melt in your mouth steaks and a great atmosphere with a really good wine list to choose from. This one is $35 per person supplement so is higher than the other speciality restaurants but well worth a visit.

Ji-Ji Asian kitchen: I did lunch here which there is no supplement for at that time but it holds a different menu; it was really tasty and they give you a little card when you enter the restaurant and you tick off what you want i.e.-meat, noodles or rice and which Asian sauce and vegetables and then you add your name onto the sheet and they bring it to you – it is great and not too big of a portion for a lunch time so I had another one which they were happy to allow! in the evening this is a speciality restaurant and has the surcharge as above but a wider choice of menu to choose from.

Cucina Del Capitano: This is the Italian restaurant and I have to say I think this was my favourite. They like to make you feel that you are at a typical Italian family meal. All the waiters and waitresses are Italian and they bring your food in the centre of the table so you can all pick and share and they do not stop bringing it until you are ready to be rolled out of the door! It really is amazing food but definitely no lunch required on the evening you go here! Well worth the $15 supplement. The other added benefit of this one is the staff are all singers too and they will break into song and entertain you with traditional Italian favourites such as ‘That’s Amore!’ Everyone was up on their feet clapping and singing along it was fantastic for couples/family’s and groups!

Guys burger joint: day time favourite with delicious burgers and all the trimmings; you can eat these as much as you like whilst sitting on the deck sunbathing!

Blueiguana: one of my favourite day time treats as true Mexican style burrito! Fantastic! Again, you can eat by the pool or sit in the restaurant.

Redfrog: you can try many beers from all over the world. This also has live bands and they take any requests and will literally sing anything!

Piano bar: This was so funny, not your typical piano bar! The guy who plays and sings is also a comedian and everything he sings he makes up words and adds funny words in and is very tongue in cheek humour – maybe not one to take the kids late at night as there is lots of adult humour but it is very funny and it gets you wearing hats and up dancing and singing along! I went here on the first night then popped there 2 nights later to have a couple of drinks and he remembered my name and called out to me when walking in! Pretty good attention to detail considering there were almost 4000 passengers on board at that time!

There are other restaurants to choose from such as sushi, seafood shack and the chefs table where they cook it in front of you; I sadly was not here long enough to try these but looked amazing.

Other things on board:

IMAX THEATRE AT SEA! I have never been in an Imax theatre and I honestly could not believe the size of the screen! It was fabulous and had so many seats. It has jump off the screen visuals and is the only one at sea! Excellent!

Serenity adult only retreat- for the quiet adults wanting to do nothing but relax and chill with no sounds of the waterpark and kids! Really peaceful and the sun loungers are amazing including day beds and double loungers to choose from. There is a bar here serving all drinks with a lemon water dispenser to help yourself and fresh towels to have as many as you want. The views from the whirlpool are also amazing!

Cherry on top candy shop! All I will say is yum yum yum! Check this out on website it is well worth a visit!

The ship also has a Casino which is not too big but not too small; yes you can smoke on board in the casino but it is not one of those moments where the smoke hits you in the face – it is subtle and as a non-smoker is not something that bothered me when I was in here!


I recommend customers buy the drinks package this starts from $59 per person. The alcohol is high branded quality and the cocktails are amazing! I ran up a bill of $300 on alcohol before VAT in 3 days! This was all the ones I purchased let alone the ones that carnival team got for us!

You can also purchase a soda package and kids soda package which is well worth it as the cokes etc. are almost as much as the alcohol.

You can get lemon juice and water all day by the cup in the restaurant for free.

Whitney Allen is a the March Branch Manager at the Holiday With Us Group.