Destination Overview
Tobago is a quintessential Caribbean island with secluded white beaches and stunning coral reefs. Charming villages, traditionally themed hotels and smart new, modern resorts offer a wide variety of accommodation choices.


When you visit this historic island, you’ll enjoy an island rich in ancient tales, music and dance inspired by the African heritage of Tobago′s inhabitants. Every year from mid-July to early August, the Tobago Heritage Festival moves from village to village celebrating the island’s hypnotising culture, traditions and customs.

Like much of culture, Tobago′s classical cuisine draws inspiration from the African heritage of its inhabitants. The island’s specialties include crab and flour dumplings simmered in a thick curry and coconut sauce. The main ingredients of Tobago′s Creole cuisine are the foods of West Africa like okra, pigeon peas, plantations and callaloo.

Tobago boasts a sunny climate with fresh trade winds with an average temperature of 30 degrees C. Being a Caribbean island does mean that Tobago has two seasons; ‘dry season’ is between January and May, where you’ll find little rain falls; the ‘wet season’ is between June and December, where you will find that the weather is more humid and tropical rain falls in short sharp bursts.

Flight time: Approx 9 hours
Passport & Visa: No Visa required
Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Time Zone:  GMT – 4 hours
Language: English

A Selection of Tobago Holidays