Top Picks For Canada

Canada spans over 9 million square km and is filled with natural beauty, from huge glaciers to secluded lakes and majestic wildlife. Its cities are clean, safe and friendly and attract millions worldwide. Major cities include Toronto, Vancouver, French-speaking Montréal & Québec City, and capital city Ottawa. Each year we have clients travelling to Canada for their once in a life time journey. So, what’s there to do in Canada? Have a read and we may twist your arm…

Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian rail-tour company that operates trains on four distinctive rail routes though British Colombia, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest. With over 65 vacation packages, guests can choose from four unique rail routes, which travel through iconic destinations such as Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, and the majestic Canadian Rockies. Rocky Mountaineer is the only all-daylight journey to travel the historic routes from Vancouver through the Rockies, so guests don’t miss a moment of the majestic mountains, stunning rivers, and curious wildlife. The rail service season runs from mid-April through to mid-October.

There are two levels of service on the train, the Gold Leaf and the Silver Leaf…

The culinary adventure onboard reflects the regions through which the train travels, highlighting local ingredients, such as berries from Aldergrove, BC and Pacific salmon. Rocky Mountaineer Executive Chefs take inspiration from the natural drama unfolding out the train windows when designing all menus.

CN Tower

Defining the Toronto skyline, the tower at 553m is the third tallest tower in the world and remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a communications and observation tower in downtown Toronto which offers panoramic views, shopping and dining. Toronto’s tallest attraction has adventure lovers taking an edgewalk hands free around the ledge of the tower’s main pod, 1,168ft high! Within the observation deck there’s even a glass floor with a view 1,122 ft straight down. You can dine in the 360 CN Tower Restaurant which towers over the city at 1815 foot high! This is Canada’s most talked about restaurant. We can prebook your experience to the CN Tower for you, check out our link below…

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies and is known for its beautiful turquoise, glacier-fed lake surrounded by soaring mountain peaks and the iconic Fairmont Chateau. Hiking trails wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House for bird’s-eye views. There’s a canoe dock in summer, and a skating rink on the frozen lake in winter. The Lake Louise Ski Resort features a wildlife interpretive center at the top of the gondola. Taking a trip on the gondola is the best way to find and watch the bears. A popular trip that previous customers have enjoyed, is enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Hotel with beautiful views of the Lake.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the collective name for three falls that join the international border between Ontario (Canada) and the American State of New York. The Maid of the Mist is a popular boat tour of Niagra Falls, starting and ending on the American Side, briefly crossing into Ontario. The boat takes tourists past the American and Bridal Veil Falls, then into the dense mist inside the curve of the Canadian Falls. To stay close by to Niagara Falls, a popular hotel choice would be the Sheraton on the Falls. This hotel features spectacular views of the falls and offers on-site dining, shopping, and spa treatments. 

Whale Watching

Canada is a country of 3 coastlines so whether you’re north, east or west, you will be able to experience the country’s vast variety of marine wildlife. Thirty-three whale species live in Canada and depending where you are, a short boat trip will bring you close into contact with them. The top 3 destinations in Canada for Whale Watching would be Tofino, Tadoussac and Cape Breton Highlands.

  • Tofino – British Columbia

Tofino is a prime whale watching territory as grey whales migrate north from the Baja Peninsula to Alaska in March and south again in October. Many tour companies will take visitors out to the pods that spend summer in nearby clayoquot sound, using covered aluminum boats. Also, along with grey/humpback whales, you can expect to see otters, bald eagles, seals and sea lions.

  • Tadoussac – Quebec

Tadoussac is a very popular spot when it comes to whale watching. You will be able to see plenty of humpback whales and other sea life creatures. Suit up in a thermal outfit to experience a few hours watching the whales breaching and gliding just below the surface of the water. If you prefer a little more comfort, enclosed whale watching cruises also depart from Tadoussac.

  • Cape Breton Highlands – Nova Scotia

You can combine hiking with whale watching in one of the best locations in the country to watch whales from the shore. If you’re eager to get on the water, tour companies in Cape Breton Highlands also offers Zodiac and catamaran excursions. Go during the peak season of July-August for the best chance of spotting humpback and fin whales.            

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