Planning this year’s holiday? Here’s why MEXICO is the best destination!

We all know that planning a holiday can sometimes leave you feeling Trupmed off – but here at the Holiday With Us Group, our Travel Consultants are on hand to make things as hassle free as possible.

As travel agents, we see hundreds of people every week who just don’t know where their next adventure will take them – so we’ve created this handy guide on why Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, and just why it’s perfect for all types of traveller.

  • Its beaches are out of this world.

Mile upon mile of white sandy beaches line Mexico’s coastline along the Yucatán Peninsula and Caribbean Sea; they are renowned for their distinctive shiny sands and crystal clear water. Hotels who offer their guests a private beach own much of the coastline – this means that if you’re a family staying in a family orientated hotel there are endless choices of watersports. You can experience water powered jetpacks and jet skis for thrill seekers, or sailing and scuba diving if you prefer to stay at slower speeds. All hotels offer a variety of fine dining with restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. If you are looking for a lively night, you can head in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen and enjoy Coco Bongo – the top nightlife venue in Mexico with live performances, drinks, confetti and a non-stop party. There is something for everyone; this is what makes the area of Cancun so popular. You can zip wire through the jungle or just relax and enjoy a cocktail to the sound of the ocean.

  • Its home to some of the most raved about hotels on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is a tool that many travellers and travel agents alike will use when determining the suitability of a hotel, and Mexico certainly does not disappoint when it comes to hotel reviews. Mexico has some of the best hotel groups on offer, with outstanding 5* reviews such as the Excellence, Secrets, Hard Rock and Dream Hotel chains. These hotels offer a first class service on beachfront locations across Mexico.

  • It’s very good value for money.

With the rising cost of visiting Europe as a result of geopolitics, many people are looking to travel further afield within their budget – Mexico is a very good solution to this. The 5* Iberostar Cancun is available in April 2017 for £1195pp with Gatwick flights for 7 nights – comparatively, the 5* SENTIDO Pula in Majorca at this time is on sale at the £800pp mark despite only being 1/6th of the travel distance of Mexico.

Take a look at some of our wonderful Mexico offers or give any of our branches a call on 0800 167 0232, as all of our branches have staff who have visited Mexico and can give you honest and professional advice.

James Lowery is a Marketing Assistant at the Holiday With Us Group.