Winter Holidays with Short Flights!

Do you dislike flying? Do you just want to get away from everyday life and go somewhere sunny? Here’s a selection of our favourite winter holidays with short flights

  • The Canary Islands

A summer favourite for everybody! The Canary Islands’ popularity increases year on year and flight times are relatively short, with some less than 4 hours depending on what island you are visiting. With such short travelling time it makes it easy to have a short 7 night break away.

  • Barcelona

If you want to get away during British cold winter time then this is your place to be! With short flight times of approximately 2 hours you can’t really go wrong. November temperatures in the fabulous city can rise up to 20 degrees Celsius! It’s a perfect place to throw out those cold winter mornings back at home…

  • The Algarve

Long sandy beaches or cold nights in front of the TV? I know which one I would choose! In January temperatures can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius! Wow – what better way to celebrate the New Year with a fresh natural tan? With flight times up to three hours it’s hard to resist!

  • Larnaca

Larnaca lies on the eastern side of Cyprus; this part of the island has the hottest and driest climate with an average of 22 degrees in November to January time, making it an excellent destination for that summer feeling! The airport being really conveniently close to the beach resorts makes transfer times short. This beautiful city is known for its outstanding beaches, water sports, nightlife and sea front! With a flight time of four hours, who’s stopping you?

  • Costa Calida

This area of Spain is the best if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas in Spain. Costa Calida receives at least 315 days of sunshine each year, making it a no brainer to go for that summer glow again. This region is situated in south east Spain with calm waters, beautiful beaches and small towns. Also if you’re a fan of golf this is a place for you, with some stunning courses to choose from! With a flight time of 2.5 hours it’s hard to not start packing your suit case right this minute!

  • Marrakech 

Not a fan of sand between your toes? Then maybe Marrakech is the place for you! This city is not on the coast so there are no beaches that you can go around, however they do offer some stunning gardens! With the old towns to visit, the souks and the mosques, you sure won’t be disappointed with the culture they have on offer! With temperatures reaching up to 22 degrees in November and December time and flights at only 3.5 hours it would seem rude to not go and top up your cultural knowledge!

  • Malta

When the summer crowds have gone and the winter has begun Malta still hits in the mid-twenties in temperature during November to January months! This makes it ideal to visit when you just want to get away, whether it is for three weeks or just a few days. Maltese winters are surprisingly popular with hikers who love to walk around the long coast lines and the must see pre-historic temples. With flight times of only 3 hours why don’t you join those hikers?

Rosie Battson is a Trainee Travel Consultant at the Holiday With Us Group.