10 Best Hidden Secret Destinations

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a hidden gem, rich with captivating history, innumerable dramatic landscapes, divine cuisine and home to some of the most welcoming people on the planet. Many visit Vietnam for a taste of Southeast Asia on a budget, but Vietnam has much more to offer and is at once thrilling, enchanting and pulsating with energy. 

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is a vast and diverse land, a country rich in scenery from snow capped mountains and glaciers to geothermal volcanic landscapes; in wildlife, in culture and experiences.

3. Poland

Poland offers a huge amount to all – from the stunning old towns to the wilderness of the 22 National Parks in Poland each with varied landscapes – seaside, lake districts, fertile plains, marshes, highlands and rocky mountains. Everywhere within Poland has a distinct feel and social culture, making it an increasingly popular destination for travellers.

4. Norway

Norway is a combination of High Arctic landscapes, Atlantic shorelines and boreal forests. Experience the northern lights or the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle, take a visit to the world famous Norwegian fjords and enjoy wildlife safaris bringing you eye to eye with an array of unique creatures.

5. Cambodia

Between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is often overlooked beside its neighbours. Despite it gaining more and more attention each year, it’s still easy to go off the beaten track and discover rural countryside, welcoming locals and wonderful sights. No visitor of Cambodia should miss out on a visit to Angkor Wat, constructed around 802 A.D to 1431 A.D this UNESCO world heritage site is a temple complex and the largest religious site in the world.


6. Morocco

A country of contrast from the bustle of the Djemaa el-Fna Square, to the moutainous and surprisingly green natural landscapes and the sands of the Sahara desert. Traditional Moroccan cuisine is sure to be a highlight of your holiday – delicate spices flavour even the simplest of dishes from rice to cous-cous. Arguably one of the world’s most exotic destinations, Morocco lies at the doorstep of Europe, only a four hour flight from the UK.


7. Florida Keys

Your time spent in the Keys can be as action packed as you desire – with endless activities for adventure seekers such as coming face to face with tropical fish on a snorkel trip or diving to explore a ship wreck. Alternatively enjoy hanging out on a hammock, simply unwinding and letting go visiting art galleries and museums.

8. Czech Republic

If you happen to be tired of the bustling capital of Prague, the Czech Republic is home to marvellous countryside – you can enjoy spectacular views just a few miles from the city. For those who love to try something new, visit the Hranice abyss, the second deepest underwater cave in the world – it’s expected depth is just over 2600 feet!


9. South Korea

Korea is a country full of vibrant colours and positive energy. Following its dramatic yet impressive development, it has managed to preserve its impressive tradition and history yet embrace the conveniences and technological side of the modern world.

10. Belgium

Many outsiders view Belgium as weekend break material – but this small country is far more than that as it is historically one of the most intriguing and complex parts of Europe. With its canals, museums and gorgeous medieval architecture, Belgium is without a question one of Europe’s most beguiling countries.