Honeymoon Gift Card

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Many couples now have all they need for their future and would prefer contributions towards their honeymoon. Our Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Card does exactly this. It’s a card that is sent out with your invitations, and has all the details for your guests to make a contribution either online or by contacting us.

The wedding and honeymoon Gift Card provides you with an exciting and unique way for friends, family and guests to contribute towards your honeymoon! We’ll send you Gift Cards to enclose in your invitations or a link to include in your online invites. The cards have all the details your guests require to contribute.

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There are many reasons why you should use a honeymoon Gift Card… they’re convenient to fit into wedding invitations, they can be credited with any amount for the perfect present, they’re safe and secure, great for budgeting and can be spent on an extensive range of products.

Making a contribution to the honeymoon account couldn’t be easier! Your guests can choose from one of the options below to contribute and help you get on your way to a truly unforgettable honeymoon.

1. Online – visit our website at www.holidaywithus.co.uk/giftpayment and fill in the simple form on this page. Click on make a contribution and enter the Lead Passenger Surname, File Number and Postcode as outlined on the Gift Card or gift card link. Guests will have the opportunity to include a personal message and you will receive a breakdown of the guests which have contributed.

2. In Branch – Come into your local branch at either Wisbech, March or Spalding and make a secure payment – make sure your guests bring in their Gift Cards!

3. By Phone – Call our team on 0800 167 0232 with the surname and the file number on the card given, to make a contribution over the phone.

Please click here for the terms and conditions which apply to the Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Card.

Note: Monies paid into this savings scheme are not covered by ABTA’s scheme of financial protection.