Multigenerational Family Reunions

Being separated from our loved ones is one of the toughest and most upsetting consequences we are having to endure in order to win the fight against this pandemic. Whilst we all scramble to set up new channels of communication to keep everyone close and try to adjust to these new norms, we thought it might provide some comfort to begin to think about exciting ways to celebrate a family reunion when we emerge on the other side.

Even without this added complication, busy schedules and families less likely to be living round the corner from each other has made getting some quality time with your nearest and dearest harder to achieve. That’s why the multi generational – or 3G – holiday is a growing trend that looks set to continue. Grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles and cousins have been teaming up and getting away to enjoy some fun times together. With everyone away from the daily grind, the mood is relaxed and everyone is the best version of themselves. There is more time to reconnect, enjoy each other’s company and share experiences, building those precious memories that are the glue of happy families.

Planning a multigenerational holiday can be a challenge but we have some suggestions to help. Whether you’re a family already joined at the hip with similar interests or one where each values their own space and a different idea of what makes the perfect holiday, there are plenty of options available to ensure a successful harmonious 3G gathering. Have a look below at our ideas for a relaxing break to see which one would work best for your family.

Exotic Family Adventure in Costa Rica

As if the chance of seeing a sloth in the wild wasn’t enough, Costa Rica has only gone and topped the Happy Planet Index  three times in a row with studies showing Costa Ricans enjoying longer, healthier lives than people on the rest of the planet. And it’s all down to the Pura Vida – The Pure Life.This surely puts it right at the top of anyone’s wish list. 

You could say Costa Rica is the perfect destination: pristine picture postcard beaches, home to half a million different species (think toucans, sloths, anteaters and the rest!), it’s at the cutting edge of sustainable tourism and offers a playground of adventure from adrenalin charged zip wires through jungle canopies, shooting white water rapids and world class surfing to rainforest hikes, volcanoes, waterfalls and kayaking.

Perfect for: Families who want to experience something out of this world together. It will please everyone equally from the very active to the  – um – more sloth-like members of the family.

Tips for Success:

>Relax and enjoy. The standards of service are fantastic, safety levels are second to none and costs and value for money travel options are some of the most reasonable anywhere in the world. 

>With so much on offer, do make the most of it and encourage everyone to try something new. Then enjoy celebrating everyone’s achievements.

>Travel in a family convoy. A self drive tour is a fantastic way to explore this happy country and enjoy a meander off the main tourist trail. 

Hire a Private House/ Villa

Your very own home from home with all the family under one roof. This can often be the most cost effective way to holiday together and at the same time being able to enjoy the better facilities that come with larger properties such as your own pool.

You can choose literally any destination to suit your time available and budget, from a staycation in a large country house to a Mediterranean villa, right up to a fully staffed colonial style house on a Caribbean island. It is the ideal set up for allowing families to be together whilst being able to do their own thing at the same time.

Perfect for: Families who like to set their own agenda. Dine when you want, relax together in private and schedule your own activities. Ideal for families with younger children who can sleep soundly whilst the adult members enjoy their evening knowing they’re close at hand. 

Tips for success:

>Take time to do a little pre planning before you go to make sure any shopping/cooking/clearing up duties are evenly spread. Or consider a fully staffed option to save any arguments!

>If it’s your first time holidaying all together, try a weekend break staycation in a country house as a dry run before embarking on a more ambitious longer break overseas. 

>Think about location. You might wish to be based near a town to provide an easy option for getting some space. Also good if you have young adults who might wish to enjoy the freedom of a more lively evening now and again.

>Better to hire several smaller cars than one big one to offer as much flexibility for people to do their own thing.

>Think about making any restaurant reservations in advance to ensure you can all be seated together.

The All Inclusive Resort

With the option of everyone having their own rooms, families can enjoy a little bit of space as well as the ease of coming together for mealtimes or shared activities as and when you like.

The typically wide range of facilities on site provides maximum options catering to all tastes so no one will feel bored. Everyone can decide how active or relaxed they want to be. Look for one with a Kids Club to keep younger members entertained whilst the grownups relax or enjoy some activities of their own. Another benefit is the choice of different restaurants and bars available and that are able to accommodate larger groups.

Money can often be the cause of upset on a group holiday so the all inclusive package is great for taking the stress out of budgeting when you’re away and making sure no one feels left out or under pressure.

Perfect for: Families looking for a relaxing holiday with a range of different activities under one roof. Suits families with both younger children and teenagers.

Tips for success:

>Don’t forget to factor in the time together you came to enjoy! The whole party sharing a meal together at least once a day works really well and you can enjoy catching up on what each other has been getting up to.

>Make a table reservation in advance to ensure you can all be seated together at the right time to suit everyone.

take a cruise

A well chosen cruise can be the easiest solution to everyone having the holiday they want. If grandparents want history and excursions, children want fun and activities and parents just want some ‘me time’, life on board can be the perfect answer.

With the self contained environment of a ship it is easy for everyone to disperse and parents can relax knowing the children are safe and occupied. Coming together for meals, time by the pool or the nightly entertainment gives you plenty of opportunities for bonding as a family without sacrificing anyone’s own holiday wants and needs.

And your destination can be as low key or adventurous as you like. Cruise the Med if you’re sun-seekers, check out a river cruise or head North for an Arctic circle cruise. How special would watching the Northern Lights dance across the night sky as a whole family be?

Perfect for:

Families with a wide range of interests to cater for.

Children of all ages.

Avoiding airports by choosing a UK departure port.

Tips for success:

> Check what activities (and kids clubs) are available on board to ensure everyone’s interests are covered.

> Look into planning an excursion exclusively for your party.

> If younger children are travelling a larger cruise ship might be more suitable. Smaller, more exclusive ships tend to be more tailored to adult guests.

> With options from a few days to weeks and everything in between, you will be able to choose the right length of cruise for your get together.

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