Paris: The City of Love, Wine and Art

Ever wondered why the famous city of Paris was called the one of love? Well, forget about the terminological term behind the name and go and find out yourself. I can guarantee you will end up finishing your trip deeply in love with this beautiful city, as I do every time I go.

I lived in France for the majority of my childhood, so Paris is like a second home to me. I have visited this city more times than I can count and every single time it still manages to surprise me.

Anyone that wants to be in the heart of Paris and in the amazing atmosphere it has to offer, I would always recommend to people to stay in the ‘Hotel Tourisme Avenue’ – they offer amazing prices considering where it is located. It is less than a 15-minute walk to the Eiffel tower and a metro station right at your doorstep. The facilities near the hotel are again, fantastic. There’s even a Starbucks coffee right next to the hotel! Patisseries, local restaurants, bars and shops all along the the same road so you can be sure that you will never be short of anything whilst staying in this hotel.

When going for lunch within Paris on average a meal with a drink would usually come to €15 which is around £13. Drinks are a little pricier as on average a pint of beer would be €6 which comes to approximately £5.30; your lager might seem expensive, but when it comes to what France specialises in, wine, then we are talking about a price that may seem more valuable. A house bottle within a restaurant usually will be around the €9 mark which is the equivalent to £7.70, so forget about the beer and stay on the wine!

As we might already know, Paris is mostly famous for the beautiful Eiffel Tower where you can capture extraordinary views from the summit. One factor that people don’t tend realise is that you can actually have a meal in the Eiffel Tower! I have personally done this myself by eating in the ’58 Tour Eiffel’ restaurant which is on the first floor. I believe that everyone should try this out as if you have the chance to pre-book well in advance then you can usually grab a reasonable price. There’s also a restaurant on the second floor for those who want to celebrate a special occasion as it is a Michelin Star one. I sadly haven’t had the chance to try this one out as I would probably have to sell half my wardrobe to afford this amazing restaurant! If you’re not really wanting to eat up high in the air, then why not try a meal on a River Cruise which goes along the Seine which is located next to the Eiffel Tower?

I love exploring Paris, and visiting the most famous attractions is a must do for everyone.

One attraction I particularly adore is the Louvre which is the largest museum in France. It is most famously known for displaying the iconic painting of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. At this attraction you would be able to admire Egyptian, Eastern, Greek, Roman and Arabic displays of art. So, for anyone that wants to take in the world of art, this is the perfect museum for you.

Another must do is visit the Notre Dame de Paris, the most well-known church building in the world. This catholic cathedral represents the finest of French Gothic architecture. You can observe it’s beauty from the outside and if you want to venture inside admission prices are €10 at the door; once you’re inside it is breath-taking with its amazing sculptures and bursting colours of the stained glass windows, not forgetting about the wonderful organ displayed.

And finally, how can we talk about Paris without mentioning the original birth place of the famous can-can show? The Moulin Rouge is an amazing attraction to visit with extravagant shows inspired by circuses. Most shows commence around the 10pm mark and from personal experience it is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. You can pre-book a three course meal with champagne to add to this experience before the show starts. The Moulin Rouge attracts people from all over the world and you will definitely understand why once you give it a try.

Moulin Rouge

Obviously there is so much more to do in this beautiful city, so why not give it a go and maybe you will fall in love with Paris too…

If you require any more information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Let this city of love show you what you have been missing out on!

Rosie Battson is a Trainee Travel Consultant at the Holiday With Us Group.